Our Yearly Summer Local Business Recommendations From The Studio

Here at The Studio salon, we are all about supporting our community and one way we like to do that is by showing some love to our favorite local businesses. While blogging about hair is the norm (we are a hair salon after all), we thought it would be a great idea to share some of our favorite local spots to eat, relax, workout, and everything in between. Let's jump right on in, shall we?

There's a place that I personally love going to, but I can't quite put my finger on it. It stretches all along Pacific Coast Highway. There's a lot of water and sand, and a ton of people especially during the summer. What's that thing called again? Oh, right. The beach! There's a good chance that you're already familiar with that one though, so let's move on. Speaking of beaches, there's nothing quite like an after-beach meal or snack. And we've got you covered there. Or better yet, we have some suggestions on the businesses that will suit your needs: Chronic Tacos is one of my favorite places to go to after a day at the beach. You may already be familiar with it, but if not then you've been missing out. Pick your base (taco, burrito, torta, etc.), type of meat (chicken, carne asada, etc.), and add all the veggies that you'd like. This place makes for one amazing after-beach meal. Don't forget to try their baja sauce. Maybe pick up some nachos to share with others (or keep them all to yourself). Craving a little something on the sweeter side? Then visit Rose Bakery Cafe. Their pastries are some of the best I've tried in Corona Del Mar. But as the name implies, they offer a little bit of everything. Their burgers and sandwiches are fantastic. They also have coffee and espresso beverages. Combine all that, and you have the perfect location for a group of people that are undecided on what to eat. Or people that just want tasty food and drinks.

B.CANDY has built a reputation as one of the best ice cream and candy shops in Orange County. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the place to be. And really, who DOESN'T crave ice cream after spending time at the beach? Their homemade ice cream is out of this world and perfect for those hot summer days. On top of that, their huge assortment of different types candies are no joke. Remember that candy from your childhood that you can't find anymore? Chances are, they have it here! While the above are all great places to visit after going to the beach, there are some other businesses in very close proximity to The Studio salon that we would like to give a shout-out to: It's not uncommon to see different types of salons next to one another, and Lovely Nails Boutique is our neighbor. Summer is the perfect time to show off those toes, and they have a great, friendly staff that will help you will make your nails pretty. Their prices almost seem too good to be true. But really, they are just an affordable, high-quality nail salon. They even do waxing. If you're feeling like a good workout, check out Studio Cycle. They offer some amazing deals on multiple spin classes, and boast a 5-star Yelp rating for a reason. The instructors are incredibly helpful, keeping you motivated and are just very supportive in general. I can't overstate how important having such an amazing teacher can be when it comes to workouts, and their entire staff will make you feel right at home. On top of that, the music selection is brilliant and puts your mind into the perfect workout state. Feeling like a celebratory cigar? CDM Cigars is the place to be. This is another business with a 5-star average Yelp rating. We'd like to give a special shout-out to Ted and his son Antoine, the two men running this business that have made us at The Studio feel like neighbors ever since our salon opened up. Their knowledge of cigars are second-to-none and they will help you pick out the perfect cigar for any occasion. They'll put together gift baskets if necessary, and will even go as far as to give you recommendations on the best places to sit back and enjoy a cigar while looking at the ocean. The next shopping center we would like to share with you is on the corner of Iris Ave and East Coast Hwy where you can begin with a great workout and then enjoy a meal at one of our three favorite casual, local restaurants: Let's start with Orange Theory. This is perfect for anyone seeking a good workout, with a mix of both cardio and weights. The best part is that you can pick your own pace, and the trainers will work with you in order to help you achieve your fitness goals. You'll even be given a workout summary after the class. Quite a few of my blogs have focused on why choosing hair products with high-quality ingredients is better for your hair. Well, think of Gina's Pizza the same way. Except instead of hair, it's pizza! They use only the best, natural ingredients in their pizza and you'll know when you eat it that you'll never be able to look at any other pizza joint the same again. The quality here is superb and the food is out-of-this-world-good. If you're in the mood for very tasty and healthy Mexican food, check out La Fogata Rotisserie Chicken. Their California Burrito is the best I've ever had. The tiger shrimp is amazing as well. I love their salmon salad. And of course, as the name of the restaurant suggests, their rotisserie chicken is mouth-watering. I can keep going on and on but basically everything here is incredibly delicious. Just be sure to bring a hearty appetite along, because their portions are huge! For an even healthier choice, check out Jan's Health Bar. The word "health" is in the name itself so you know it's a healthy option! They have some very delicious sandwiches and salads to go along with their juices and smoothies. They also serve acai bowls and some good breakfast foods like avocado toast. Mind you, toast is good at any time of day. Speaking of healthy food, a great way to start your Saturday morning would be a walk to the Farmers Market. It's open from 9am to 1pm and features roughly 20 vendors all selling fresh fruits and veggies. You can have a nice relaxing summer picnic and bring your Farmers Market purchases along while looking out into the ocean and throwing a frisbee around. After picking up some fresh produce, you can find Ace Hardware in the same shopping center for barbecue supplies. Or pick up the necessary tools for a bonfire on the beach. We all love going to those! I also bring them up for another reason. Summer in southern California can be quite hot, so purchasing a fan or portable air conditioning unit might not be a bad idea. Speaking of summer, we also have a couple suggestions for summer entertainment: Now let's talk about some fun summer entertainment. There are luxury theaters and then there's Port Theater. This movie theater goes all out when it comes to comfort with recliner seating, dining tables, couches, etc. The movie selection is limited to one theater room, but if you're looking for extreme levels of comfort while at a movie theater, this just can't be beat. They naturally have a nice selection of food and beverages. But speaking of food, we recommend stopping by Panini Kabob Grill on the way to the theater. It's one of the few places we just never get sick of and we'd probably live there if we could. The food is very healthy and tasty. There's a good reason the place is always packed with customers!

Newport Dunes is described as "waterfront luxury with a laid-back SoCal vibe", and that is quite accurate. They also have plenty of exciting events, and book some excellent musicians including a Beatles cover band (set your calendar for July 27!). Be sure to check out their water park if you feel like enjoying the high life on an inflatable raft. They also show movies at the beach, and before you say you've already done that, know that they take it to another level. For instance, last year they showed a screening of Jaws to a large crowd of people floating on rafts in the water. I can't think of a better way to set the mood for a movie like that. While you're there, check out Back Bay Bistro for some amazing food, a breathtaking view, and live music. Be sure to book a reservation though, as this place is quite popular. There you have it. While we normally blog about hair, we also support our local community and felt like this was a good way of doing so. And I've only scratched the surface! But I hope I've given both visitors to Corona Del Mar and residents some ideas and encouraged you to try something new and exciting. Whether it's delicious food, a good workout, or entertainment, this city has something for everyone. But don't just take my word for it. Next time you're at The Studio salon, ask your stylist about their favorite local spots. You may find something amazing that you never knew existed. Until next time, thank you for reading.