Halloween Hair

I have some good news, and I also have some bad news. Bad news first: Believe it or not, it's frowned upon for adults to go trick-or-treating. Good news: For one day of the year, it's perfectly acceptable to pretend that you're something that you aren't. That's right, Halloween is upon us. As we approach the span of a couple months that features three major western holidays in rapid succession, it's time to celebrate my favorite holiday. I love Halloween because for one day out of 365, I can take a step back from my regular life and be something else. Anything else! The possibilities are endless.

You can be a vampire, witch, your favorite movie or TV character, or literally anything you want to be. We won't tell you what costume to wear. That's completely up to you! But we can recommend some hairstyles and products that will be sure to compliment your outfit choice, so that's what we'll be doing! When considering potential ways to style your hair, it's important to be up to date on the most popular Halloween costumes. Witches and vampires (sexy or scary) are going to be seen everywhere, which tends to be the case every year. Outside of that, Star Wars is back in a big way these days, and I've spoken to a few women that plan to pay homage to the late Carrie Fisher by wearing a Princess Leia costume. And we all know that's not complete without the iconic hair buns. You can save yourself a lot of time with the use of a headband that has the buns attached, but that's no fun! This will require very long hair though.

Also in style are superheroes. The Avengers have been popular for years, so take your pick. But also making their way onto the scene are the Incredibles, following the release of the highly-anticipated sequel just a few months ago. Mr. and Mrs. Incredible will be quite popular this Halloween, and if you have kids then you can go all out and get them involved with the theme as well! It should also be noted that you don't have to dress up as a particular character and can do your very own thing, or mix some well-known costumes into something new (these days, that's the same as original!). Unicorns are one of the more surprising entrees onto the scene this year, with some going as far as to style their hair into a horn. Regardless of your costume, just pick what you feel looks best with what you're wearing . Pigtails, braids, curly, bangs, or just straight-up messy can all contribute to an amazing Halloween look.

So you've picked a new hairstyle. Now what? I'm glad you asked! This is where good hair products come into play. We carry plenty of Aveda products in The Studio salon, many of which have been written about in previous blogs. But let's just pretend that you're not a die-hard fan of my writing (as if!). If your hair requires something strong to hold it in place, we recommend Aveda's Control Force, which is a fast-drying hair spray that works with all types of hair. Another option is Control Paste, which is... well... a paste. Surprising, I know. But surprises are a big part of Halloween, so we'll just go with the flow. I also sometimes worry that my blogs are being written more towards women, and while the majority of our clients are indeed female, we have to give the men some love as well. In that regard, Men's Grooming Cream (weaker hold) and Men's Clay (stronger hold), both by Aveda, both come highly recommended by salon owner Riccardo Altieri, mainly because of the fact that Aveda uses some of the best ingredients in the industry. With a good idea of how to hold your hair in place, you might want to put the finishing touches on that particular style by adding some color into it. All previously mentioned Aveda products can be purchased straight from our salon, and the company also offers a wide variety of hair dyes that are sold in the salon as well. We also offer Halo Couture Extensions, which allow you insert some color into your hair without having to actually dye it. We recommend these extensions for Halloween because they make it easy to mix and match different colors until you come up with a blend that fits your desired look perfectly.

While it's not socially acceptable for adults to ring someone's doorbell and hold out a bag expecting candy, that doesn't mean that you can't have some fun yourself. Halloween remains one of the most beloved holidays in western culture because it appeals to people of all ages. It works because for one day everyone has the opportunity to take a break from their normal lives and be something different. We encourage you to make this Halloween one to remember, and just have fun with it. Check back soon for a blog on the best hairstyles of Thanksgiving. Okay, maybe we'll just do something winter related. Thanks for reading, and all of us at The Studio wish you a very happy Halloween.