Beach Hair

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

This summer, free flowing waves are calling your name. I’m not talking about the waves of the ocean, but the natural tousled tendrils you get at the beach. In Southern California, there’s nothing like spending those warm days at the beach, whether you're surfing, swimming, or basking in the sunlight. Beach waves is a hairstyle that comes with a day out in the sun while getting the ocean water in our hair and lying in the sand. Now you can replicate that without going to the beach every day, with the help of the right products. Beach waves have become an incredibly popular hair style for women in recent years, and one that you’ll see on many female celebrities. It’s also safe to assume that due to their busy schedules, most of them don’t get that look by spending their days by the ocean. While you can achieve this look naturally by spending a day at the beach, now you can replicate that look from home. That’s right. You can achieve that perfect celebrity runway style on your own. You can do so with a surf or texture spray, plus a large barrel curling iron. But this is not completely necessary, and you can ditch hot tools during the warm summer months.

There are many amazing surf sprays or texture products that will give you beach waves. However, you should avoid the ones that can damage your hair due to poor ingredients. The Studio salon will always stand behind Aveda as a brand that uses only the best. Aveda's Texture Tonic is absolutely perfect for beach waves. Simply spray it on your clean hair, damp or dry, and texture accordingly from mid-lengths to ends. Then air-dry or blow-dry. It's simple! You can even combine the product with a trip to the beach to help speed up the process of getting waves naturally. Because of it's carefully picked ingredients, your hair will still feel wonderfully soft while also having a defined texture along with natural shine. Whether you're getting the beach waves style naturally or by using a fantastic product, our stylists at The Studio salon will gladly assist you in making sure that your hair looks exactly the way you want. With summer fast approaching, beach waves are in style and it's time to show off that beautiful head of hair to the world.